Remuneration report

The right salary on the right post.


Since 2006 Audit Doradztwo Personalne Sp. z o.o. has been conducting local salary surveys as the only company in Poland. It is the most accurate report of this sort because of a very thorough approach to the issue. This annual report includes payment rates on particular posts; bonuses, fluctuation of employees, planned and already introduced remuneration increase, as well as survey results regarding the 'soft' areas of staff management. The Local Remuneration Report is produced in three languages: Polish, English and German, in a paper and electronic version.

Who is it for?


The participants of the survey are companies of a production profile that hire at least 50 workers.



The Local Remuneration Report is divided into a general, descriptive part and a detailed comparison of remuneration on particular posts. The descriptive part is a comparison of Basic and Total Gross remuneration (including benefits such as bonuses, fees, rewards etc.) at each management level and within each sector and position. This part of the report also includes data regarding bonuses, fringes, remuneration increase and fluctuation of employees. The second part of the report consists of a comparison of total remuneration rates on approximately 70 posts, chosen on the basis of the data received from the companies partaking in the survey.



The reports provide the employers with the opportunity to compare the remuneration rates within their own companies, as well as with the salaries offered on similar posts in the region. It is the basis of negotiations with the trade unions, employees and candidates. It allows the employers to adjust the remuneration rates and motivational systems and, therefore, to keep their best workers.

Conditions of participation


The surveys are conducted basing on questionnaires prepared in an electronic form, filled by companies participating in the survey. The forms are available online and the log-in password is given by telephone. This ensures the protection of our participants' personal data, which we receive and use solely for the purpose of the Local Remuneration Report. Once the data is collected, it undergoes the process of adjustment and verification. The way in which we process and present the data we receive makes it impossible to match or even associate the results with any particular company taking part in the survey.

A company can only purchase the report once it has taken part in it or has declared to participate in the next edition. A complete set of data regarding remuneration in the company is made available by the participating companies. Purchasing the report without participating in the survey is only possible under certain circumstances – the details will be provided by the Director of the Project.