Gain an employee

without unnecessary formalities

To meet the needs of the market, we have specialised in the recruitment of temporary workers, including those from across the eastern border. We will not only find the workers, but also prepare the necessary documentation to legalise their residence and work. We will coordinate their arrival in Poland and carry out the necessary translations. Our offer is mainly aimed at manufacturing companies wishing to save on staffing costs.

By using the services of temporary workers, you gain:

lower level of employment in the company,

cost savings,

no unforeseen downtime,

effective recruitment

optimalization of labour costs by outsourcing HR and administrative services to our company.


Violetta Panasiuk – Strzyżewska
President of the board/ Recruitment manager

Klaudia Dolata
Vicepresident of the board/ Recruitment manager

Emilia Kamińska
Vicepresident of the board/ Recruitment manager

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